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In what comes next, he also says about the death of Akrisios that after the petrification of Polydektes and the people with him by the Gorgon’s head, Perseus leaves Diktys behind in Seriphos to be king of the Seriphians who were left, but he himself went by boat to Argos with the Kyklopes and Danae and Andromeda. And when he comes he doesn’t find Akrisios in Argos because he was afraid of him and retreated to the Pelasgians at Larissa. And since he didn’t catch him, he leaves Danae with her mother Eurydike, and Andromeda and the Kyklopes, but he himself went to Larissa. And when he arrives, he recognizes Akrisios and convinces him to follow with him to Argos. And just when they were about to leave, he happens on a contest of young men at Larissa; and Perseus enters the contest, and takes the discus and throws it; and it wasn’t a pentathlon, but they were contesting each particular one of the contests. And the discus rolls into Akrisios’s foot and wounds him. And Akrisios, getting sick from this, dies there at Larissa, and Perseus and the Larissans bury him in front of the city, and the locals make a hero temple there. And Perseus goes back away from Argos.



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