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Alkmaon, s[hephe]rd [of] the army . . . the trailing-ro[bed] daughters of Kadmos . . . [was] astounded, seeing the body before . . . of sorrowful Oidipodes . . . beast . . . Danaan [warrior]s, servants of Are[s] . . . to Polyneikes . . . by Zeus’s divine . . .


. . . from deep-swirli[ng] Alpheios on [hor]ses and fast[ened] chariots [Elektryon brought Lysidike,] the gorgeous [daughter] of Pelops. [She bore him child]ren, mount[ing] the same bed: [Gorgophonos] the warrior and the spearman Per[i-] . . . and Nomios and Kelaineus [and] Am[phimachos] and [Deimachos] and Eurybios and famous E[pilaos. And them] the ship-famous Taphi[an]s sl[ew over roll]foot cattle, [sailing] in [s]hips over the s[ea’s] w[i]de back f[rom] the Echinai [islands; but Alkmene] alone was l[eft] as a joy to her pa[rents, dau]ght[er of Lysidike] and [of illustrious El]ektryon . . . to the b[lack-]cloud [son of] Kro[nos] . . .


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