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fr 280 MW

Page history last edited by Silvio Curtis 5 years ago

280     P. Ibscher col. i


 “. . .] to [sl]ay me by force and with long spear, [but destroy]ing [Fate] and Leto’s [son] slew me. [But come,] t[ell me this thr]ough and through: [. . .] you went down [to the house of Aides . . .] tru[sty companio]n accompanied [. . .] why, as you ought [. . .?”


. . .] and [f]irst made [a]nswer: [“. . .] to the shepherd of the host [. . . go]ddess horrid Erinys, [Zeus-bor]n [Mel]eag[ros,] son of [quick-]witted Oineus, indeed I will tell [you] thi[s v]ery exactly[. . . .] illustrious Phersephoneia [. . .] thunder-joyful Z[eus,] and so he would betroth as br[i]de, by the laws of the [immor]tals[, . . .] they say that those [w]oo their gre[at-. . .] sisters, and marry them far [from] their own [parents . . .] he arises from the blessed to betroth for marriage [his own] full [s]ister; for [he says that] he himself is born nearer than great Aides to [Pherseph]one, daughter of pretty-haired Demeter; for he says that [he is] brother by the same father [. . .] Aides is her uncle; [and] he said that [this is w]hy he was going down to the misty gloom.”


[So he said;] and the son of Oineus shuddered as he heard the story, [and,] an[swe]ring [him,] he addressed him gently: [“Theseus,] counselor of the armored [Athen]ians[, . . .-]dameia was the prudent sp[ou]se [. . .] of [g]reat-spirited Peirithoos? [. . .”]


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